Loch Head

Loch Head is 7 miles long - the biggest fresh water pond on East Falkland.

The previous owner of Johnsons Harbour lived down here for over 20 years by himself as a shepherd.

Originally, the house was built on the coast of Carysfort, but moved up the pond by boat to a more central location for the shepherds to work from.

The previous owner looked after the stock on horseback and tend his gardens which he planted below the house. He rode in to the settlement once a month to get provisions and stores.

Mr Hutchinson once lived down at Loch Head with his wife. When she fell pregnant and the birth began the midwife (Mrs Clausen) rode out on horseback from Douglas Station to assist.

Land Owner Mrs Jan Cheek has donated Loch Head, to the museum in Stanley. In the future, it will be moved off Johnsons Harbour Farm and in to Stanley. We will sure miss Loch Head shanty.