Things To Do

Beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife on our doorstep

Volunteer Lagoon

Volunteer lagoon is also home to the largest, most accessible colony of king penguins, a wide array of bird life and keep your eyes peeled for whales blowing out to sea.

Volunteer Point

With an abundance of Gentoo penguins and the ever-popular king penguins making a regular appearance this is a really sheltered place to sit back and watch

Cow Bay

A favourite place of ours on Johnsons Harbour land. The photos really do the talking.

Carysfort & Dutchmans Island

Home to our friendly Hereford X cows sharing this area with magellanic penguins, the occasional gentoo, and seals in the summer.

Loch Head

Nestled among some amazing views is Loch Head, the biggest fresh water pond on East Falkland and home to fresh water mullet.

Magellan Beach

Whether building sand castles, searching in rock pools, taking a dip in the calm (cold) south Atlantic, fishing for mullet or just finding a quiet sheltered place for a picnic, Magellan beach has it all.

Diamond Cove & Berkeley Sound

All along the coast, colonies of rockhopper penguins often have a visit from macaroni penguins. The views along this coast are simply stunning.

Eagle Point

Standing on the rocky cliffs listening to the waves crashing below, beautiful views greet you overlooking the mouth of Berkeley Sound across to the Murrell farm and Mount Lowe.


Fishing Spots

There are areas perfect for fishing for fresh and sea water mullet, trout and other species. Please check with us before you head out for a spot of angling as some areas are private fishing only and others may require permission or a fee from the land owners.


Going for a Walk

If you are wanting more than just a casual walk, please check with us if you are planning on heading further afield so we can let you know about the access to the land on our farm border. Please follow the Countryside Code when enjoying your walk.


Closer to Home

If you don't fancy venturing far, there are a number of things to do around the farm

Treasure Hunt

Find the thirteen wooden animals around the farm and find the treasure, guarded by a ferocious sheep, (he’s a softy really).

Around the big house are eleven colourful rocks. For an extra challenge, can you work out the secret word?


We have various jobs to do throughout the year. If you want to know about what we do, come over and say hello.


£30 per night

Minimum stay is two nights and maximum occupancy is 8 people.
All children must be accompanied by an adult.